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Today’s society demands constant focus and determination to succeed.

This often includes long hours of work and being on-call to all forms of contact and social media.

Each day, you power through, but you have started to notice your body just doesn’t function the way that it once did.

You feel exhausted and overstimulated.  You have trouble staying on task and your memory has become increasingly foggy.  Maybe you never used to get sick, but now you have a constant cold or you can’t seem to tolerate the foods you used to love to eat.  Perhaps, you have unexplained chronic pain or migraine headaches.  Or you just don’t feel right, but you can’t quite put your finger on what going on.

I’m here to tell you that, your body is trying to speak to you.

We are no different than our electronic devices.
We need to be recharged daily.
We crack and malfunction, if we are mishandled.

Now, more than ever, we are being called to care for ourselves as a whole system: inclusive of mind, body, and spirit.

Emerging evidence is demonstrating what masters have always known;
when the scales are tipped out of balance, disease can present itself.

Eating the right foods for your individual needs, learning how to quiet the mind, and reconnecting with what brings you joy, are just some of the tools that can provide the necessary keys to optimize your well being.

I am here to meet you where you are in your healing journey.
Let’s discover your personal healing alchemy.
Together, we will uncover what your unique needs are to meet your health goals.

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About The Mend Wellness

I am a Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner focused on empowering people to regain control of their health.

85% of chronic diseases are preventable through the choices and actions we take every day.

Our health is not soley dependent on our genetics. Personal wellness,  is impacted by our food choices, thoughts, emotions, food, quality of sleep, and relationships.

With over 14 years of experience working in hospital and office settings, I have firsthand experience caring for the critically ill, and have made it my mission, to shift healthcare from a disease based system, to a wellness based system.

I specialize in assisting individuals who want to identify the root cause of their ailments, optimize their health, and improve their overall well being in all aspects of their life.

I have worked hard to uncover the cause of my own ailments including heart palpitations while exercising, severe joint pain and swelling, dizziness, brain fog, and headaches. Surrounded by leading physicians, I sought the expertise of my colleagues.  As a healthcare provider and former Division 1 athlete, I was shocked and disheartened by how quickly my symptoms were dismissed with responses such as, “You are getting older,” “It’s in your head,” “Your metabolism is changing,” and “You need to exercise more. Hire a trainer.”

In my relentless pursuit to reclaim my health, I turned to alternative healing, such as naturopathic and functional medicine to find answers. I have been able to heal my body through diet, meditation, Reiki, and yoga and am now able to share my knowledge with you, so you can heal yourself, too.

Are you ready to listen to your body?

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