Health Coaching

What Is Health Coaching?

It has been said that it is easier to change your religion,

than it is to change your diet.

What we put on our plates has the power to make us feel energized or awful.

Food can trigger :

Chronic fatigue
Brain Fog
Behavior changes
Joint and muscle pain
Frequent colds and infections
Abdominal pain
Hormone imbalance

The list goes on…

As the great Dr. Sidney Baker says,

“If you are sitting on a tack it takes a lot of aspirin to make it feel good.  The treatment for sitting on a tack, is to remove the tack.”

As a health coach, helping my clients look at their unique story to decipher which foods may be impacting their life is just the beginning.

The, “now what?” is where the real work begins. 

It’s easy to find alternatives to not feel deprived.  I’m here to help you to learn to actively choose yourself, and your well being every time you eat.  And to remind you, to be forgiving to yourself if you fall back into old patterns.  As long as you recognize set back, as simply just that, a set back.

You can pick yourself up and keep moving forward on your healing journey.

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