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term paper writersHow do you want to feel?

The question posed so eloquently in Danielle LaPorte’s book: The Desire Map truly is the most powerful question you could ever ask yourself.

How you want to feel physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually may indicate something needs to change to get there.

Sometimes that change can be small and temporary.

Other times, how we want to feel may require big changes or a leap of faith into unknown waters.

Which can lead to fear and great resistance.

Which is totally ok.

It is ok to be frightened and clinging to your old habits with a vice grip. 

It’s normal. Fear and resistance mean you are one to something.

I know how hard change can be.

Whether it’s giving up a favorite food due to an allergy or intolerance that’s now manifesting in the physical body. Trust me, I’ve found myself hiding in the corner of my apartment binging on cookies when first trying to completely eliminate sugar from my diet.  We all have setbacks and low points.

Or if it’s learning how to turn off your natural stress response through deep breathing and yoga to decrease pain and anxiety.  When I first turned to yoga, all the pain in my body screamed at me daily trying to get me to stay curled up in a ball on the floor.  But, I knew I needed to retrain my muscles to changes the pain signals going to my brain.

Change requires action on your part. 

You have to be ready to take that first step to get to where you want to go.

I support my clients throughout the entire process to help them get to the other side. However, the reality is that sometimes people aren’t ready and that is ok. When you know where your resistance lies, you know where to focus your attention to get to your ultimate goal. Together we will develop a customized plan to support you in your success.  Each week we will celebrate the victories and acknowledge and accept any setbacks with zero judgement.

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