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The brain is programed to maintain our survival and becomes hypersensitive by reacting to the smallest hint of danger with a surge of stress hormones preparing the body for “fight, flight, or freeze.” 

When we are able to successfully escape a threat, the stress hormones secreted by the brain that prompt us “to hide, fight back, runaway, or freeze” stop firing and come back to balance.

When we are prevented from escaping danger, whether it’s on the battlefield or boardroom, the brain is not aware that the threat is over and the stress chemicals continue to secrete.

The brain becomes dedicated to being on high alert to prevent further danger.

Leading to increased blood pressure, heart rate, and tensing of muscles and joints. 

This is why veterans and people with high stress jobs could experience feelings of being out of control in the aftermath of unexplainable physical sensations, overwhelming emotional outbursts, and impulsive and aggressive actions.

Mind body practices such as yoga, meditation, and Reiki give the brain the “all safe” signal to restore balance and self regulation.

Helping you feel like yourself again.

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