Yoga & Meditation

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is not about how good or bad your bum looks in tight pants.

Yoga is about showing up for yourself. 

Some days, that may just mean stepping onto your mat to learn how to take a full, deep breath.  Other days, that may mean you challenge every muscle in your body by trying to stay in a pose.

Yoga teaches us to become comfortable with our own limitations.

Some bodies are perpetually tight, and touching your toes may feel like climbing Mount Everest.  Other bodies can naturally bend and fold like a cirque du soleil performer, but lack endurance to hold poses for prolonged periods of time.

Yoga allows everybody to be in their body.

What happens on your mat is your business.  Regardless of how your body looks or functions, yoga gives each person tools to improve your own strength, flexibility, and overall health. When we are fully in our body and we allow ourselves to take a complete deep breath, we activate our body’s natural state of healing through the “rest and relax” signals from the parasympathetic system.  The “rest and relax” command tells the heart to slow down which decreases our blood pressure and allows more blood to flow to our intestines to digest.  When we activate our body’s natural state of healing we allow our body to find its own balance.

Yoga is being fully present in the moment in your body and one with your breath.

When we teach ourselves to be fully present in the moment, by ignoring what’s happening on Susan’s mat in the front of the room and how we wish we didn’t have belly rolls, we trick ourselves into being mindful.  When we are mindful, we not only improve our physical health, but also our brain health.  Practicing focusing on paying attention to what you are doing in the moment is like doing push ups for your brain.  As you become more mindful, your mood improves, your thoughts become clearer, and your memory improves.

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